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I never had Trick-or-Treaters at my prior residences (once I had my own place). When I moved to this house, I was optimistic I’d get a few. I don’t know many of the kids in the neighborhood, but I thought maybe some of the kids from next door would show up, and bring friends.

The first year, I bought two bags of candy, just in case. I worked a full day, and rushed home, noticing all the Trick-or-Treaters out and about. Hoping I’d still get a few despite getting home so late. It was madness. My two bags of candy were gone in 20 minutes. I was giving out Starlight mints and breakfast bars, to looks of extreme disappointment. After a while, I just turned off the porch light and other lights visible from outside and hid in the kitchen, worrying my house would be egged. (It was not.)

The next year, I was prepared with more candy – despite working a full day, I still gave out 17 bags of it. I barely had time to go to the bathroom all evening.

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