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I had a dream

I had a dream last night.  I was really tired, and I was driving somewhere.  Since Latifah was on the back seat in a carrier, I think I was driving home from a vet appointment.  I was so very tired, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, and I started swerving into the other line, into oncoming traffic.  But, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open… after a while I was pulled over by a police officer, and the dream got odder and took on a “Patricia Cornwell” feel – where I sensed something wrong with the police officer, who escorted me somewhere to get myself together…

 What do you suppose it means???

 I’m no dream analyst, but I’m thinking perhaps it means I’ve been really tired – and spending too much time chauffeuring cats to vet appointments – and reading too much Patricia Cornwell during my commute.

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