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Okay, I’m needy. First of all, I am STILL trolling MySpace, searching for friends. I’ve added celebrities like KT Tunstall and Evanescence. I’ve added fictional characters such as Spencer & Russ from Psych, “Chuck” and even Vincent the dog from LOST. I’m pathetic, and sadly I STILL have less than 40 friends. I look at the profiles of people I know with over 100 or even 250 friends… and wonder what they have that I don’t. (I realize the answer is most likely “a life”.)

I’m needy here as well. I look eagerly to see if anyone has commented. Generally, no one has. Some have viewed, that’s encouraging. Hopefully they didn’t just get here by accident, and leave as soon as they saw “Crazy Cat Lady Blogging” – huh? What the heck? I don’t want to be here…

Perhaps sadder yet, I actually go to the comments that wordpress has marked as spam, and read them all. I hope to discover they’re not spam – but genuinely people I’ve never met that have commented on my blog. Now, the ones that contain links to Viagra or hot cars are unlikely to have actually looked at my blog…. but maybe the ones that just say “Nice read” or “Looking for something different and found your blog” or “Keep the posts coming”, maybe wordpress is wrong. Maybe they’re not spam, but fans.

By the way, I have actually started writing the book – the first in what I hope to be a series of books. Pretty exciting! Of course, I got all bogged down in details and wasted the first afternoon debating what size the book should be – standard paperback or grocery-store paperback? I spent hours debating where the page numbers should be. However, once I really started writing, it was fun! Fun for a while, that is. After about 10 pages, it got significantly less fun. I’m up to about 16 pages now, with pictures, if it’s a tiny grocery-store paperback. I will either need to push myself harder, or it will be the shortest book in history.

A friend suggested I need to give it to others for feedback, once it’s drafted. She says writing a book is not supposed to be easy. It’s not? That’s a huge bummer. My dilemma – if I give the book to friends and family, who will buy the book? I have maybe ten people who have promised to buy a copy – but if I’ve already provided it to them for feedback, there go all my sales.

Same friend suggested I decide how much I’d like to earn, then divide that by the number of people who will likely buy it. However, I doubt these people would pay $1 million for a book. I’m counting on, if the price is low enough, some will buy it out of pity.

In the meantime, I’ll attempt to bask in the two mentions I have in other books. One is just a first name, but the other has first and last name… on page xv. Unfortunately, it seems few people read those roman-numbered pages. I’m considering buying packages of those small stickie notes with the arrows, like you use to indicate people should sign documents, and trolling bookstores placing them strategically on page xv.

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