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The aftermath

So, I’ve been MIA as I’ve been tackling the soggy mess that was once my basement. This weekend, two GREAT friends came and helped. It’s not finished, but it’s almost there. I had three bins full plus piles of garbage next to them – and more by the house that just wouldn’t fit in the alley. I ordered pizza and we had veggies and dip and Mudd Pie ice cream pie. (It took me a while to realize the irony of my dessert choice.)

I lost a few items that are irreplacable – pictures and other memoirs. But not many.

I lost a lot of inventory, and a lot of stuff that honestly I can live without. My air cleaner seems ruined – won’t even turn on. My washing machine isn’t working properly. The drywall might have issues, as may the flooring (linoleum tiles).

However, I actually feel upbeat. It’s a tremendous relief to no longer be faced with the daunting task of dealing with it all. As I said, it’s not done – but it’s nearly there. A few more items to clean, some more laundry to do, floors to be mopped for the fourth time, walls to be sprayed with bleach… it can all be done, and needn’t be done tonight, or even this week.

I owe those friends BIG time – like if my kidneys were in better shape, I’d save one for them.

So, I hope to get back to blogging soon – as I know you’re all dying to know what my cats have been up to! I haven’t even got all their stories up yet!

By the way: If I find out this is all a promotion stunt for Evan Almighty – I will be so peeved!!!

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