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Rumpelmintz spent the day at the vet’s Tuesday. She got the “senior moments” package. (She’s 12 years old now, they consider any cat over 10 to be a “senior”.)

She did NOT cooperate. Dr. B. said they “used lots of thick towels”. When I came to pick her up, she was screaming and cursing at them from her cage, and they asked me to help put her in the carrier. (She knows better than to bite me – that means a “time out” for her, which she hates… however, biting others does not seem to have any repercussions…)

It reminded me of a vet visit long ago. It was a different clinic, and a different vet, and her first visit there. I warned them she could be um, difficult. They gave her a muscular nurse who looked like she may have become a veterinary assistant after a successful bout in the Olympics as a weight lifter. She grasped Rumpelmintz firmly. Rumpelmintz looked at her, with her best pathetic “I’m so misunderstood” face. I urged the assistant to be careful, Rumpelmintz will bite.

The vet began his exam, and Rumpelmintz continued to look forlorn and sad about it all. Things were going along nicely, and the vet became convinced she’d just “had a bad experience” before and would be fine. He turned to prepare her vaccination. The assistant continued to hold Rumpelmintz, when Rumpelmintz reached out one tentative paw, gently touched the assistant on her chest, and gave out her most pitiful “meow”.

The assistant said “Aww, she just wants a cuddle… ” and before I could stop her, released her death grip on Rumpelmintz to hold her more gently.

Rumpelmintz seized the opportunity. CHOMP!
AHHHH!!! the assistant screamed.
The vet begins yelling “Grab her, grab her!” CHOMP!!!
They’re able to jab her with the vaccine syringe and get her back in the carrier.

After that, they made sure there was a large red “WARNING!” stamp on her file.

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